Terms and Conditions

Using and purchasing from binds you to our following terms and conditions It is up to the customer alone to ensure they have read all product descriptions, measurements, and images properly before any purchase is made.  Please read all product descriptions carefully. Please note that all our products are sold as is and in matching with the product description. Discordance cannot be held responsible for customers incorrectly reading product descriptions. Some items may be shown with props, materials, chains, other products etc. in the product image, this is at the discretion of discordance to add whatever they want to the image and these props are not for sale, please note that all that is for sale is the item that is being described and not other materials in the product image.  Discordance does not store any credit card information. All transactions are made through PayPal only. For your security and the security of Discordance we do not accept and other form of payment.  Any personal information given to will not be used elsewhere and is secured to this site and this site alone.